The eternal struggle

Play Dragon Age

Or sleep

Dragon age romances are cute.

So like, Since Zevran tried to kill me I was really mean to him… I sort of lead him on, pretty hard. I even acted like I liked him and slept with him

But, I still chose Alistair. He’s just so cute and sweet and fumbling around his words and It’s absolutely adorable ><

So I alread have a rough-draft for my first character in the new leagues…

But the knowledge of the new skills might change it

All I’m going to tell you guys is

Dual Daggers

But in a way you’ve never seen daggers used before


at all

(okay maybe you have if the person is as insane as me and they were running weird builds just to run them)


Or Dr. Zed’s Portable Climax

[Dr Zed voice]: Thanks for cummin’, hehe.

"Please insert any sexual organs into the receptacle below."

Got a glimpse of the new skill tree

I’m pretty hyped

Add me on warframe?

IGN is: Belustern